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Client Testimonials

Sometimes, when I’ve finished a design project for a client, the client in question is very kind to offer me some thoughts about the work they receive from me. These people are known as excellent.

Here’s a little window into what to expect if you decide to work with me.

What Others Say About Me


Jason DeRose, Novacut co-founder and Lead Developer

Novacut is a bit complex, involves several pieces, and historically we’ve left many people confused after trying to explain it. But IZO was able to condense our tome of details down into something tangible and emotional, something you can understand at a glance. Novacut is all about helping storytellers, but it was IZO who helped us tell our story. And the design IZO did for Novacut is so good it hurts. We couldn’t recommend him more.
– Jason DeRose, Novacut co-founder & Lead Developer

You can see the identity design I developed for Novacut here.

Daniel Meadows

After rebranding my business according to Ian’s design and direction, Google Analytics is recording increased time on my website per user, more page views and more sharing over social network sites. In real terms this has led to more enquiries and a higher conversion rate, the benefits of Ian’s expertise have been visible and immediate. The level of research into the market and the understanding of my client base impressed me greatly, I can’t recommend Ian’s services enough to anyone considering a professional design and branding package.
Daniel Meadows

You can find his new logo and identity development here.[/topcolumn]

Burnt World

Burnt World, independent filmmaker

I’ve recently decided to get serious about my film-making and video art. I was keen to develop professional branding as part of this and having seen Ian’s previous work I asked him to come up with a brand proposal.
Ian made the process clear and from the start I was confident in being able to work with him. The initial questionnaire was thorough and I took my time coming up with the answers to ensure he had as clear a picture as possible for what I was after. The process also helped me be clear in my own mind as to the type of image my brand would put forward.
Ian always responded quickly, kept me informed about developments and I always received agreed communication far in advance of any deadline. I was impressed with the first draft enough to know that Ian was a capable and creative designer, exactly the type of person I’d like to design the branding for my art business. His guideline for logo and colour use are clear and concise and the product files provided in what ever kind of format I’d ever need.
I am very happy with Ian’s work and thoroughly recommend his services
– Mark Oughton, Burnt World

Here you can find the logo and brand identity design I developed for the Burnt World Design.


Shad Paterson of Rock On Promotions

The work of ‘Design By Izo’ is second to none. Extremely professional and works with you to get exactly what you want. I cannot recommend him enough and I would not hesitate to contact him again for future projects as he is reliable, talented and has good customer service skills.
— Shad Paterson, Rock On Promotions

Here you can find the logo and brand identity design I developed for the ROP3 Identity Design.


Ian designed a logo and other graphic elements for an open source project I’m developing. He did an extensive research and his work was perfect. I can highly recommend him.
-– Esteban Tovagliari, Visual effects artist and developer

Here you can find the logo and brand identity design I developed for the Ramen video compositor.

Jonathon Wort Productions

“I really like the brand, really happy with it. I can’t think of anything that needs to change, I think we’re good to go. You’re amazing, you know that?”
— Jonathon Wort, Sound Engineer and Music Producer

The logo and brand identity design process for Jonathon Wort’s brand can be found HERE.


Miss Eva Fox

“Ian is a very personable designer, and very thorough in his work. He undertook research in order to prepare his first draft ideas for the logo I requested to help with a “brand identity” (for my stage name as a singer and performer). Ian was helpful, inventive, and listened to what I said. The end result was exactly what I was looking for – he was able to take my (poor excuse for a) description of what I wanted and bring this to life. Exceptional work!”

— Miss Eva Fox, North-West England vocalist

The brand identity process for Eva Fox can be found HERE.

Sofie Fowler

“Ian designed a logo for me that was subsequently used on my website and business cards. I gave him quite a specific brief and he was able to work to it whilst also adding his own creative ideas. I was extremely happy with the results and would work with him again.”
Sofie Fowler, published freelance writer, scriptwriter and screenwriter

Sofie’s logo design can be found HERE.

What next?

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