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Photography Retina Wallpapers From Fiftyfootshadows

John Carey aka Fiftyfootshadows upgrades his beautiful photography wallpapers

If the first lot of retina wallpapers for the new iPad weren’t enough, here’s some more!

Retina Wallpapers For The new iPad

Gorgeous hi-res pixels for your new device

So, got yourself the new iPad? Nice!

A Typographical Wallpaper: Revolution of Love

Revolution of Love wallpaper by designbyIZO

Often, I just like seeing words in words. So, here’s another wallpaper idea I’ve had that I’ve been thinking about in my spare time. A revolution of love.

A Typographical Wallpaper: i’mpossible

The i'mpossible wallpaper pack

So, after offering a sneak peek on Forrst and receiving rather a lot of positive reactions to this, I have decided to get my firm, manly butt into action and finalise this wallpaper pack.

A Natty Narwhal Wallpaper

A Natty Narwhal Wallpaper

So I figured it was about time to get this little baby out in the wild. I have been sitting on it for a little while, making occasional tweaks here and there, but you can only do that for so long before your brain starts to run out of your ears.

Desktopography 2010 Now Available

The Edge II by Lionel Charpentier

The desktopography wallpaper project is something that I’ve been following with delight now for quite a few years and I was, therefore, rather happy to discover that this year’s exhibition has finally been released.

Gaia10 Free Minimalist Wallpaper Pack – My Contribution

Gaia10 Minimalist Wallpaper Pack

Regular readers of this site will know that I had planned to contribute to the Gaia10 Project this year. Well, on September 13th 2010, the Gaia10 Gallery officially and publicly launched and, now that I have a spare moment, I can now release for free this minimalist wallpaper pack I designed as a contribution.

Brew, anyone?

Dedicated to those who love to sit with friends and a brew

This is dedicated to those who, like me, love to sit with good friends and enjoy a hot beverage or two. Without coffee, the world would be a different place indeed. For a start, I doubt I’d get up in the mornings.

New Lucid Lynx Wallpaper!

My vector art contribution to the imminent Ubuntu Lucid Lynx release

Yeah, so I decided that, since Ubuntu is the Linux distro that I’ve used the most by far, I would contribute to this fine OS by creating this vector wallpaper.

Welcome to Design By Izo

Welcome aboard and Merry Browsing! Please bear with me whilst I upload, organise, beautify my portfolio and theme the site to my extremely strict self-image standards.