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Pocket, Formerly Read It Later, Gets ICS Redesign Love

We’re starting to see more beautifully designed apps based on Android 4.0’s (Ice Cream Sandwich) new design language and interface “Holo”. Now here’s another one.

Digital Kitsch Lies To The User & Presumes They’re Stupid

Legendary typographer/typophile and design Erik Spiekermann describes his woes with Apple’s recent trend—particularly with Mac OS X Lion and Mountain Lion—towards skeuomorphic UI and digital kitsch. And he’s right. He’s absolutely right.

Boid & doubleTwist Alarm: Beauty On Android ICS

Since Google unveiled Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich), and later announced the new Android ICS Style Guide, we’ve started to see a few apps trickle into Google Play taking advantage of the new design-focussed platform and style.

Designing Great Experiences Means Looking At The Whole

Ubuntu’s Self-Appointed Benevolent Dictator For Life, Mark Shuttleworth, nails it again.

It’s Time To Get Out Of The Geek Market

Why it’s time for Linux to get out of the geek market.

Canonical Unveils “The Spread” UI in Ubuntu

Solving task-switching in Ubuntu

Canonical have been busy at work, it seems…

Frank Chimero’s New Website Blew My Head Clean Off

Prepare to have your mind blown

So, earlier today, graphic designer Frank Chimero announced the revamped design of his new website…

What Should I Look For In a UI Typeface?

What makes a good UI typeface?

I’ve touched briefly before on some typefaces that I consider to be particularly good for on-screen reading. But now I wish to delve further into this realm of typography and consider: What makes a typeface good for screens and UI design in particular?

5 Fonts To Keep Your Eye On

Keep an eye on these fonts...

As you may know, I am slightly obsessed with typography. I’m always on the lookout for new typefaces, experimenting with typographical layouts and following the development certain typefaces that catch my eye.

The Ubuntu Unity Dash – Some Modifications

My modifications of the Ubuntu Unity Dash interface

Followers and fans of the Ubuntu Operating System will be fully aware of the imminent release of the next version of the distro, codenamed “Natty Narwhal”, version 11.04.