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Two Tasty Typefaces To Delight Your Designs

Introducing Gandhi Sans and Karla

Let it not be said that I don’t like finding free fonts for you.

Comparing Neue Haas Grotesk with Helvetica

If there’s one site you absolutely must visit today, it’s this one.

Digital Kitsch Lies To The User & Presumes They’re Stupid

Legendary typographer/typophile and design Erik Spiekermann describes his woes with Apple’s recent trend—particularly with Mac OS X Lion and Mountain Lion—towards skeuomorphic UI and digital kitsch. And he’s right. He’s absolutely right.

Boid & doubleTwist Alarm: Beauty On Android ICS

Since Google unveiled Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich), and later announced the new Android ICS Style Guide, we’ve started to see a few apps trickle into Google Play taking advantage of the new design-focussed platform and style.

Tablet Gothic: Headers With Personality

A clean, sturdy grotesque sans-serif with personality

If you’re looking for a clean and sturdy grotesque sans-serif that’s still full of personality, you should definitely check this.

Pocketmag Redesign by Face

Beautiful modernist, typographical, Swiss-style design

Modernist? Check. Typographical? Check. Grids? Check. Gorgeous. Check.

Manteka & FV Almelo: Two Free Typefaces For Display

By Floris Voorveld and Eduardo Araya respectively

Free typefaces are always nice.

Translation Recordings Identity By 1910

Simple, minimal, Swiss-inspired design

Masters of simple, minimal yet smart identity design, Sweden’s 1910, recently unveiled some more work, like this identity design for Translation Recordings.

Process Type Foundry’s “Nearly-Geometric” Chrono Typeface

A nearly-geometric sans-serif

Now this is a very nice typeface. Introducing Process Type Foundry’s Chrono typeface, a “nearly-geometric” sans-serif.

In Type, Size Matters

Today, your required reading is this: Place Your Emphasis HERE, Not THERE.