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Stitchthread’s “Signal Has Been Lost” Artwork

Retro photography, grids and clean typography

It took nine months of our lives but finally my band, Stitchthread, finally released our brand new album Signal Has Been Lost.

RM Regular Typeface by MashCreative

RM Regular typeface by MashCreative

I have been eagerly awaiting the release of this typeface for quite some time now, ever since the studio behind it—MashCreative—posted a rebranding exercise they mocked up for Royal Mail.

Art With Sound Box Set by SILNT

Art with Sound Box Set design by SILNT

Stumbled across this fantastic box set artwork designed by Singapore-based SILNT, containing the 10 artworks and 10 sounds created by the participating artists for SILNT‘s curated exhibition, Dual City Sessions/Art with Sound.

Global Footprint Network Annual Report Design

Global Footprint Network Annual Report Design by Bob Dinetz

Came across this stunning Annual Report design via Khoi Vinh. It’s for the Global Footprint Network and was designed by Bob Dinetz.

Vignelli Forever Posters by Anthony Neil Dart

Vignelli Forever Posters by Anthon Neil Dart

I am seriously loving this Vignelli Forever Poster series by South African graphic designer Anthony Neil Dart, featuring famous quotes from world-renowned Italian graphic designer Massimo Vignelli.

80PercentThinking Poster

80PercentThinking Poster

Another little idea I’ve had floating in my head for some time now.

Rejane Dal Bello

Rejane Dal Bello's work for the Amsterdam Sinfonietta

I recently came across the work of Rejane Dal Bello courtesy of SwissLegacy. Ever since, I think I’ve fallen in love.

Typography Issue for Computer Arts Brasil

Typography for Computer Arts Magazine by Pianofuzz Design Studio

I implore you to check out this beautiful cover art design that the Pianofuzz Design Studio created for the Graphic Arts Brasil magazine.

The Lyrical Poster Project

The Lyrical Poster Project

As part of my never-ending quest to improve not only my own technical skills, like typography, but also my sense of conceptual expression, I have decided to embark on a little personal project, which I’m calling the Lyrical Poster Project.

5 Fonts To Keep Your Eye On

Keep an eye on these fonts...

As you may know, I am slightly obsessed with typography. I’m always on the lookout for new typefaces, experimenting with typographical layouts and following the development certain typefaces that catch my eye.