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Translation Recordings Identity By 1910

Simple, minimal, Swiss-inspired design

Masters of simple, minimal yet smart identity design, Sweden’s 1910, recently unveiled some more work, like this identity design for Translation Recordings.

Designers Should Make People Fall In Love

“What I’m saying is that the main focus of much design today is innovation; the communicative aspect of design is getting lost. Due to our fascination with technical inventions, our designs have moved from the idea of ‘feeling’ into that of ‘reasoning’.”

David Airey’s New Classy & Sturdy Identity For Feru

Classy, sturdy and elegant

One of my favourite brand identity designers, David Airey, has just updated his portfolio with some seriously excellent, progressive work for luxurious fashion brand Feru.

Metagramme’s classy identity for the ICMD

Classy, smart and well-executed

This is a particularly enjoyable identity design created by Missouri-based graphic design firm Metagramme for China’s ICMD.

Classy Jacu Coffee Roastery Identity

A classy identity design by Tom Emil Olsen

This is some deliciously simple and classy work for the Jacu Coffee Roastery by Tom Emil Olsen (portfolio).

ISEM Branding by Mattia Castiglioni

ISEM branding by Mattia Castiglioni

Recent times have found me somewhat busier than usual, so there may be an influx of posts appearing soon. But that’s OK because they’re all supreme. Especially this identity design system for ISEM, a national and international high-quality rigid boxes Italian company by Mattia Castiglioni.

Novacut Brand Identity Design

The new brand identity design for Novacut

Novacut is a new design-focused platform for a disruptive generation of film and video artists who are seeking to change the way TV and films are produced, distributed and consumed.

GYÁR Branding by Official Classic

New branding for GYÁR by Official Classic

I was rather delighted to chance upon this fine piece of retro, minimalist, typographic branding for GYÁR Post Production by Budapest-based studio Official Classic.

Blurry Brands No. 4, 5 & 6

A continuation from my original post, blurry brands aims to explore how the shape of a logo design aids brand recognition.

Blurry Brands

I’ve had this particular brand “game” in my head for a little while now, which was then spurred into action after reading Graham Smith’s (aka imjustcreative) excellent post on The Benefits of Starting Logo & Brand Side Projects.