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The Ubuntu Unity Dash – Some Modifications

My modifications of the Ubuntu Unity Dash interface

Followers and fans of the Ubuntu Operating System will be fully aware of the imminent release of the next version of the distro, codenamed “Natty Narwhal”, version 11.04.

‘Radiance’ Updated For Ubuntu Maverick

Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu

Further to the glorious news that one of the  Ubuntu ‘Light’ themes—Ambiance—received an update for the forthcoming Ubuntu Maverick release, Andreas Cimitan, developer of the Murrine GTK engine and the man responsible for updating the Light themes, has announced the imminent update to the second Light theme: Radiance.

Ubuntu “Light” Themes Get A Refresh

Ubuntu brandmark

No doubt some of you may have already read about this but as a devoted Ubuntu user I nevertheless feel duty-bound to inform you folk of the good news.

8 Excellent Fonts For Screen and Print

Well, it’s been a few months since my last post about fonts and typefaces and since then I’ve done a lot more exploring into the vast world of typefaces and returned with some very interesting finds, particularly when it comes to screen-ready display fonts.

The Bongos Social Desktop Redesign

The next step in the evolution of the Bongos Social Desktop GUI design

After the initial Bongos Social Desktop GUI Design Mockup, the Core Development team and myself sat down to discuss the feedback and critique

Simple Grey Linux GTK GUI

GUI Design for Linux, slightly Aqua-ish, using neutral greys and bright blue, glossy highlights

This GUI Design I produced is a lot less radical than my SHI10 Linux Interface Suite, but still uses some of the more advance features capable in the GTK Murrine Engine.

I’m contributing to Gaia10!

We are all looking forward to a great and wonderful release this year! And on a personal note, I’ll be looking to contribute much lovely skinning and customisation to this year’s release for Linux: a DockbarX theme, an AWN4.0 theme and possibly a Docky theme as well.

Nautilus – When Imagination Becomes Reality

Regular readers of this site will remember a few months back when I made a post entitled Deconstructing Nautilus and Rebuilding It Better. It proved to be rather… controversial. Some of you hated my redesign proposals, others loved it. Forward a couple of months later and some rather clever man has took my mine and DanRabbit’s Nautilus dreams and made them reality, or as near as we can currently get.

Workflow and Upload: two new button concepts for Lucid

I present to you, the humble reader, two button concepts that I’ve designed to fill up that newly created titlebar space in Ubuntu Lucid: the Workflow button and the Upload button.

SHI10 GTK Linux Interface Suite

SHI10 Linux GTK Interface

Introducing the SHI10 GTK Linux Interface Suite, designed to be flexible enough to be used in a wide variety of desktop setups, from OS-X setups, to a Windows 7 feel, to a more traditional GNOME look or even just simple minimalism.