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Simple Grey Linux GTK GUI

GUI Design for Linux, slightly Aqua-ish, using neutral greys and bright blue, glossy highlights

This GUI Design I produced is a lot less radical than my SHI10 Linux Interface Suite, but still uses some of the more advance features capable in the GTK Murrine Engine.

Nautilus – When Imagination Becomes Reality

Regular readers of this site will remember a few months back when I made a post entitled Deconstructing Nautilus and Rebuilding It Better. It proved to be rather… controversial. Some of you hated my redesign proposals, others loved it. Forward a couple of months later and some rather clever man has took my mine and DanRabbit’s Nautilus dreams and made them reality, or as near as we can currently get.

Workflow and Upload: two new button concepts for Lucid

I present to you, the humble reader, two button concepts that I’ve designed to fill up that newly created titlebar space in Ubuntu Lucid: the Workflow button and the Upload button.

SHI10 GTK Linux Interface Suite

SHI10 Linux GTK Interface

Introducing the SHI10 GTK Linux Interface Suite, designed to be flexible enough to be used in a wide variety of desktop setups, from OS-X setups, to a Windows 7 feel, to a more traditional GNOME look or even just simple minimalism.

Ubuntu Lucid and THAT button layout

OK, so as an ardent GUI Designer and general fan of winning computer interface design, I took a strong interest in Canonical’s recent announcement about their new Ubuntu branding, complete with two new default themes set to appear in the upcoming “Lucid Lynx” LTS release in April – named “Ambience” and “Radiance”. Here’s my thoughts and analysis.

New Lucid Lynx Wallpaper!

My vector art contribution to the imminent Ubuntu Lucid Lynx release

Yeah, so I decided that, since Ubuntu is the Linux distro that I’ve used the most by far, I would contribute to this fine OS by creating this vector wallpaper.

Deconstructing Nautilus and rebuilding it better

If you’re an avid user of the GNOME Desktop Environment, you may well be aware of one of the hot topics currently doing the rounds on the internet, and that is: The User Interface Of The Nautilus File Manager And Why Is It So Awful? Here is my solution.

Lovely fonts! Wonderful fonts!

Fonts. I love them. Perhaps a little too much, some might say. I love them all. And today, my fellow typophiles and fans of typography, I wish to share with you my current favourites.