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Manteka & FV Almelo: Two Free Typefaces For Display

By Floris Voorveld and Eduardo Araya respectively

Free typefaces are always nice.

A Natty Narwhal Wallpaper

A Natty Narwhal Wallpaper

So I figured it was about time to get this little baby out in the wild. I have been sitting on it for a little while, making occasional tweaks here and there, but you can only do that for so long before your brain starts to run out of your ears.

10 Free Classy Thin Fonts

Thin or 'hairline' fonts lend an elegant, classy air to design

One of the basic fundamental elements of good graphic design is the intelligent use of contrast: light and dark, big and small, serif and sans-serif, square and round, condensed and expanded and so on.

Desktopography 2010 Now Available

The Edge II by Lionel Charpentier

The desktopography wallpaper project is something that I’ve been following with delight now for quite a few years and I was, therefore, rather happy to discover that this year’s exhibition has finally been released.

8 Excellent Fonts For Screen and Print

Well, it’s been a few months since my last post about fonts and typefaces and since then I’ve done a lot more exploring into the vast world of typefaces and returned with some very interesting finds, particularly when it comes to screen-ready display fonts.

Brew, anyone?

Dedicated to those who love to sit with friends and a brew

This is dedicated to those who, like me, love to sit with good friends and enjoy a hot beverage or two. Without coffee, the world would be a different place indeed. For a start, I doubt I’d get up in the mornings.

Nautilus – When Imagination Becomes Reality

Regular readers of this site will remember a few months back when I made a post entitled Deconstructing Nautilus and Rebuilding It Better. It proved to be rather… controversial. Some of you hated my redesign proposals, others loved it. Forward a couple of months later and some rather clever man has took my mine and DanRabbit’s Nautilus dreams and made them reality, or as near as we can currently get.

Workflow and Upload: two new button concepts for Lucid

I present to you, the humble reader, two button concepts that I’ve designed to fill up that newly created titlebar space in Ubuntu Lucid: the Workflow button and the Upload button.

Welcome to Design By Izo

Welcome aboard and Merry Browsing! Please bear with me whilst I upload, organise, beautify my portfolio and theme the site to my extremely strict self-image standards.