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CoolBrands 2010/2011

The CoolBrands site

Yesterday, that would be Sunday 3rd October, I stumbled upon a rather interesting little supplement inside that day’s edition of The Observer—CoolBrands®.

Ramen Logo & Brand Identity Design

The new Ramen Logo & Brand Identity Design

In response to my post about giving back to the Open Source movement, I discovered a free, open-source, cross-platform video compositing application that was in need of a logo design that could also be used as an application icon.

Giving Back To Open Source

I less-than-three open source

I love Open Source software; I love the idea behind it, the transparency, the pace of development that occurs, the community spirit it endeavours. So I want to give something back.

The Process Of Design

Sketching is an important part of the design process

As a logo and brand identity designer, it still never ceases to amaze me how many people think that logo design is a 10 minute job, usually involving “putting some text up in a nice font with a little graphic”.

Jonathon Wort Productions Brand Identity Design

Brand Identity and Logo Design for Jonathon Wort Productions

Jonathon Wort is a talented sound engineer and music producer who was looking to establish a strong online presence with a unique visual brand.

Poster Artwork for Stitchthread

Poster I designed for Stitchthread's return gig

Originally formed as a two piece recording project in late 2002, Stitchthread became a live band in mid-2004 and recorded/gigged until late 2008 before going on hiatus. The band reconvened in early 2010 and shall return to gigging/recording in the summer.

Eva Fox brand identity design

New brand identity and logo for Eva Fox

Miss Eva Fox is a singer based in the North-West of England, available for bookings for jazz, blues, swing, soul, and showtunes.

Logo Design for Thelwall Cars

The new Thelwall Cars logo design, case in use

Recently I was contacted by Mr. Robin Howarth of Thelwall Cars to develop a unique image for his new taxi firm.

8 Excellent Fonts For Screen and Print

Well, it’s been a few months since my last post about fonts and typefaces and since then I’ve done a lot more exploring into the vast world of typefaces and returned with some very interesting finds, particularly when it comes to screen-ready display fonts.

The Bongos Social Desktop Redesign

The next step in the evolution of the Bongos Social Desktop GUI design

After the initial Bongos Social Desktop GUI Design Mockup, the Core Development team and myself sat down to discuss the feedback and critique