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ISEM Branding by Mattia Castiglioni

ISEM branding by Mattia Castiglioni

Recent times have found me somewhat busier than usual, so there may be an influx of posts appearing soon. But that’s OK because they’re all supreme. Especially this identity design system for ISEM, a national and international high-quality rigid boxes Italian company by Mattia Castiglioni.

Novacut Brand Identity Design

The new brand identity design for Novacut

Novacut is a new design-focused platform for a disruptive generation of film and video artists who are seeking to change the way TV and films are produced, distributed and consumed.

Daniel Meadows Logo & Identity Design

The new Daniel Meadows logo and identity design

Daniel Meadows is a freelance retoucher based in Lancashire, England, with eight years of experience in digital retouching and photo manipulation and has worked with award winning photographers in the UK and internationally. This is his new logo and identity design I was tasked with developing.

PBP Bank

The new identity design for the new PBP Bank

Three Polish designers from Young & Rubicam—Łukasz Słotwiński, Bartek Walczuk and Paweł Marcinkowski—were recently commissioned by WestL Bank Poland to create a brand new banking institution.

La Noche Sin Techo by Alberto Romanos

La Noche Sin Tech by Alberto Romanos

This is a very intelligent identity design concept by London-based designer Alberto Romanos.

The Krakow National Museum

Advertising Campaign for the Krakow National Museum by Wallstreet Different Creature

I’m digging this identity design and print advertising campaign for the Krakow National Museum developed by the guys at Polish studio Wallstreet – Different Creature.

Burnt World Logo & Brand Identity Design

The Burnt World logo & identity design

Burnt World is the work, and monicker, of film-maker and video artist Mark Oughton.

ROP3 Logo & Brand Identity Design

The final ROP3 mark, set in stone

This particular project has been a long time in coming and with good reason—it has thus far been the biggest project I’ve been involved with to date.

CoolBrands 2010/2011

The CoolBrands site

Yesterday, that would be Sunday 3rd October, I stumbled upon a rather interesting little supplement inside that day’s edition of The Observer—CoolBrands®.

Ramen Logo & Brand Identity Design

The new Ramen Logo & Brand Identity Design

In response to my post about giving back to the Open Source movement, I discovered a free, open-source, cross-platform video compositing application that was in need of a logo design that could also be used as an application icon.