Top Of The Cove

Near the top of Malham Cove, incredible landscape

Very near the top of Malham Cove.

It’s Time To Get Out Of The Geek Market

Why it’s time for Linux to get out of the geek market.

The Old Post Office

A Queen Anne style building by Sir Henry Tanner

Another of my favourite Prestonian buildings, the Old Post Office.

Pocketmag Redesign by Face

Beautiful modernist, typographical, Swiss-style design

Modernist? Check. Typographical? Check. Grids? Check. Gorgeous. Check.

Manteka & FV Almelo: Two Free Typefaces For Display

By Floris Voorveld and Eduardo Araya respectively

Free typefaces are always nice.

We Will Remember

The Preston War Memorial

The Preston War Memorial.

Photography Retina Wallpapers From Fiftyfootshadows

John Carey aka Fiftyfootshadows upgrades his beautiful photography wallpapers

If the first lot of retina wallpapers for the new iPad weren’t enough, here’s some more!

Retina Wallpapers For The new iPad

Gorgeous hi-res pixels for your new device

So, got yourself the new iPad? Nice!

The Harris

My favourite building in Preston

Still my favourite building in Preston.

The Council

The old façade of the Lancashire County Council building

I’ve been wanting to take a photo of this building for years.