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Under The Bridge

Walking underneath one of the train bridges that cross the River Ribble in Preston

Me and my friend, Angela, had a little photostroll around Avenham in Preston on a bright, Spring Sunday.

Exiting Janet’s Foss

Exiting Janet's Foss in Malhamdale... it felt like hiking through the set of Jurassic Park

Exiting Janet’s Foss, on the return home trail around Malhamdale.

Abandoned Hut

House? Hut? Sheep pen?

Me and Bamber are near the end of our journey around Malhamdale here, but find this cool little abandoned building.

Top Of The Cove

Near the top of Malham Cove, incredible landscape

Very near the top of Malham Cove.

The Old Post Office

A Queen Anne style building by Sir Henry Tanner

Another of my favourite Prestonian buildings, the Old Post Office.

We Will Remember

The Preston War Memorial

The Preston War Memorial.

The Harris

My favourite building in Preston

Still my favourite building in Preston.

The Council

The old façade of the Lancashire County Council building

I’ve been wanting to take a photo of this building for years.

My Farm

A farmer's land near the valleys around Hebden Bridge

Me and my friend Bamber decided to try and trek across this field that, presumably, belonged to the farmer who’s house is in the distance.

Into The Distance

The vast, rolling landscape near Lancaster Canal

As you exit what I call the Tree Archway of Lancaster Canal, the left opens up into this vast, rolling landscape.