Two Tasty Typefaces To Delight Your Designs

Introducing Gandhi Sans and Karla

Let it not be said that I don’t like finding free fonts for you.

With this in mind, let me introduce to you another two delicious and totally free typefaces.

Gandhi Sans

A humanist sans-serif with serif touches

This is Gandhi Sans, the sans-serif companion to Gandhi Serif, both designed by Tipografía Gandhi.

It’s a humanist sans-serif in principle, but with a serif feel to it. You can tell that the sans-serif has been built on the serif skeleton. A large x-height, and open bowls and counters aids legibility immensely. With true italics, and bold weights as well, this typeface performs very nicely for body copy purposes but doesn’t look awkward for headers and display.

It puts me in mind of the FF Nexus typeface superfamily.

This font is free for any number machines and for non– and commercial purposes, but you’re not allowed to edit the font or sell it.

Download it for free here.


A quirky neo-grotesque

Say hello to Karla, a sans-serif of the grotesque variety, by Jonathan Pinhorn.

A good typeface for headers and display purposes, this isn’t your average grotesque sans-serif. This one has interesting… quirks that give the typeface personality and character compared to the typically more formal and steadfast grotesques such as Benton Sans.

See the rounded tittle above the lowercase i and j. Note the… interesting way the 6 and 9 are drawn. Observe how the lowercase y has a descender that continues to curve upwards. All these little oddities combine to make not-another-grotesque, but one that seems a little friendlier and different, if still professional and clean.

The only downsides to this typeface is that, by default, the tracking is a little too wide and you’ll need to help out the kerning on certain letter pairs.

The font is licensed under a SIL OFL Font License 1.1.

You can download it for free here.


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  1. I know next to nowt about this sort of thing, but the ‘kink’ in the lower case ‘q’ in Karla made me smile. I fear the bug might be catching.