Pocket, Formerly Read It Later, Gets ICS Redesign Love

We’re starting to see more beautifully designed apps based on Android 4.0’s (Ice Cream Sandwich) new design language and interface “Holo”. Now here’s another one.

Introducing Pocket, formerly known as the massively popular Read It Later.

It’s excellent to see more and more Android developers fully embracing the new Android Design Guidelines. Pocket, in particular, looks lovely. The UI is light, clean and crisp; colour is used sparingly throughout the interface but it’s done so tastefully done and is an utter delight. Animations are simple, subtle and make full use of the swiping gestures common throughout Android ICS’ new UX.

Also, the typeface of choice—Proxima Nova—looks delicious on my Galaxy Nexus screen.

Introducing Pocket

You should definitely download it.