Boid & doubleTwist Alarm: Beauty On Android ICS

Since Google unveiled Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich), and later announced the new Android ICS Style Guide, we’ve started to see a few apps trickle into Google Play taking advantage of the new design-focused platform and style.

And today, I came across two new beautiful Android ICS-focused apps that have quickly become favourites of mine.

Boid for Twitter

Boid for Android ICS

This is Boid for Android, the first truly Android ICS-focused Twitter app. The first thing to note, of course, is that this app is currently alpha quality. But saying that, it’s still pretty damn good.

Look at it. It’s sleek, simple, clean and extremely intuitive. There’s no gaudy kitsch, textures, faux materials or skeuomorphic UI. Switching between the Timeline to Mentions and Trends requires a simple swipe. The app is fast and feels light. It already has multiple account support. It doesn’t need hardware buttons. It’s typographically excellent, using the new Roboto typeface in full effect to easily guide the eye.

Oh, and it’s free. So go get it.

doubleTwist Alarm

Put simply, this is the best-looking Android alarm app on Google Play.

Like Boid, the app needs no hardware buttons, it’s all software. Look at that beautiful layout. Check out the subtle gradients and textures, not overdone, but enough to differentiate the eye between various elements. And is… is that Lato? Why yes. Yes, it is. The app also features two gorgeous clock views: a deliciously smooth analog clock face and gorgeous typographical flip clock.

But more than the excellent use of Lato and intuitive layout and icons, the app comes with two alarm features: your standard Set-The-Time-And-Get-Up-Then alarm, but also the Sleep Cycle alarm, where you can specify when you want to get up (or ask the app to set that for you) and the app will recommend when it’s best to go to sleep based on sleeping complete sleep cycles for a more refreshing sleep.


The app is currently £0.99 for a limited time, so get it quick.


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