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A lovely stroll along Lancaster Canal

When I was strolling along Lancaster Canal, in actual Lancaster, with my photographer buddy Melanie Warren and came across this part of the canal where the trees arched overhead, providing a lovely little domed avenue.

Of course, I had to take a picture. Because the reflections were crystal clear as well. Further up the canal, patches of super-thin ice had formed, giving patchwork, frosted-glass reflections too. It was cold. Really cold.

But beautiful.

Taken with my Nikon D60, post in Luminance HDR and GIMP.

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  1. Have you tried doing post-processing in Darktable instead of GIMP? It’s non-destructive and is tailored for photo processing, unlike GIMP. I’m not sure about its HDR capabilities, it did not provide a complete HDR workflow solution back in 2010, but it might change since then.

    • Izo,

      Welp, I create the HDR using Luminance HDR, that’s the main app in question. GIMP is used for minor colour and contrast corrections. You think Darktable would be more suited to this?


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