David Airey’s New Classy & Sturdy Identity For Feru

Classy, sturdy and elegant

One of my favourite brand identity designers, David Airey, has just updated his portfolio with some seriously excellent, progressive work for luxurious fashion brand Feru.

Classy, sturdy and elegant

Classy, sturdy and elegant

I love how the logo is used across the identity, especially the photography examples where sections of the logomark are used as “windows” for the photography. When you adapt the core logo across the identity in interesting and flexible ways, you enhance the experience of the brand and heighten people’s awareness of it. The way this has been developed, you could remove the logo from a piece of promotional material and still know it was Feru.

Brilliantly done. You should definitely check David’s portfolio for more of his intelligent work.


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  1. Your cheque’s in the post, Ian. 😉

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