The Shot Everyone Wanted To Take

Pecca Falls along the Ingleton Waterfalls Trail

This was the first waterfall we came across along the Ingleton Waterfalls Trail: Pecca Falls.

This was taken approximately halfway across a rather narrow grilled metal bridge… that’s right, you could see directly below you. The bridge was only about 1½ ft wide, which obviously made getting the tripod into position somewhat tricky. More than that, this is a trail that’s walked along by lots of people every day, so not only was there not a lot of space, there wasn’t much time, because otherwise I’d start blocking people up.

Thankfully, a lot of the people behind us on the trail waiting to cross the bridge were kind and understanding whilst I got the bracketed photos. Worth it, though. Just look at that scene.

Shot with my Nikon D60, post in Luminance HDR and GIMP.

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