A solitary tree

So I’ve decided that, as I’m learning and experimenting more with photography, I should share my exploits on my actual site.

This photo I took during my little Saturday morning stroll around Haslam Park in Preston. Though no rain was forecast, I was expecting at least a bit of sunshine (which did eventually appear, albeit towards the end of my walk). However, about halfway through my walk I came across this rather magnificent tree, all on its own in the fields of Haslam Park, set against the thick cloud cover. So, I had to take a photo.

Overall, I quite enjoy the simplicity of this shot, and the texture of the grass and tree contrasted against the rolling clouds. This is a HDR photo, shot with multiple exposures on a Nikon D60 with a Nikon DX AF-S NIKKOR 18-55mm lens, processed using Luminance HDR.