80PercentThinking Poster

80PercentThinking Poster

Another little idea I’ve had floating in my head for some time now.

Really, this poster reflects an observation that I feel is true in my personal experience. To me, a great piece of design is something that has been thoroughly researched, reflected on, mulled over, sketched out, screwed up, thrown in the bin, sketched again, read about and so on… and there is so much more of this than the time it actually takes to construct the design.

In my opinion.

In any case, if you agree with this poster, or even if you just like the look of it, I’ve made a print-ready PDF version of it freely available to download.

Download 80PercentThinking Poster PDF

By all means, share the header image above on any other sites you wish, but I would ask you refer back to here for people to download the PDF.

Ian Cylkowski aka Izo

Logo & Identity Design

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  1. Great looking poster… however the message goes against what my grandma thought me: whatever you do, in order to succeed you need “1 percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration” (approximated translation… it should have a small rhyme).

    I’m guessing the 1 percent part is the difference between a great result and a good result… but that’s something that was never mentioned to me :)

    • Izo,

      That’s an Edison quote, I believe. And the sentiment of it is certainly salient in terms of how how a designer should work, but I feel doesn’t reflect what goes into a great piece of design. =]

  2. ed,

    AWESOME! My sentiments precisely. Just to close this out with the Edison quote Henry Ford said, “The hardest thing I do is think, which is why so few people do it”. I’m pretty sure ol’ Henry considered thinking required perspiration.