Blurry Brands No. 4, 5 & 6

A continuation from my original post, blurry brands aims to explore how the shape of a logo design aids brand recognition. Blurry Brands strips well-known logos of their colour and even blurs their shape to see if they’re still recognisable.

Last time was fairly easy.

This time is just a little bit trickier.

Three More Blurry Brands

Can You Guess What It Is Yet?

If so, the comments box below is just for you. Enter your answers there. Jubilation or shame awaits you.

What Do I Win?

That tight little shiver you get when you’re right.

Ian Cylkowski aka Izo

Logo & Identity Design

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  1. Joost,

    It seems these are blurred out a bit more than the previous ones. Especially the last one took me a bit longer, seeing I don’t live in a place where FedEx operates.

    1. Apple.
    2. Nike.
    3. FedEx.

    Hooray for me.

    • Izo,

      I assure that exactly the same amount of Gaussian blur was used. =] Also, congratulations! You win a good feeling.

  2. I could recognize only Apple :(