A Natty Narwhal Wallpaper

A Natty Narwhal Wallpaper

So I figured it was about time to get this little baby out in the wild. I have been sitting on it for a little while, making occasional tweaks here and there, but you can only do that for so long before your brain starts to run out of your ears.

My contribution to Ubuntu. The package comes in a variety of sizes for your desktop needs.

If you require other sizes, by all means make them yourself or let me know.

Finally, please respect the license used for the work.

EDIT: the package now includes the wallpaper sans logo. Enjoy!

Download the Natty Narwhal Wallpaper

Ian Cylkowski aka IZO

Logo & Identity Design

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Creative Commons License
A Natty Narwhal Wallpaper by Ian IZO Cylkowski is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.


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  1. tommis,

    Remove the logo and it is perfect.

  2. Linux4life,

    OMG this is so perfect !!!
    This must become the default wallpaper of Natty !!!


  3. Tacco,

    Very nice! :)

  4. svaradar,

    Is there a vertical monitor variant? With people setting up vertical monitors with their dual monitor configs, I think it makes sense to have vertical variants.

  5. Vadim Peretokin,

    Using it. Thank you!

  6. hippy,

    nice one!
    i say keep the logo :)

  7. carol,

    Please, would you remove the logo? It is wonderful!
    Thanks. I will be using it.

  8. Clem,

    Just wanted to give my thanks man. You deserve to be appreciated for the work you do.
    Thank you and God bless,

  9. El Gansho,

    They’ll better do a distro that deserves this wallpaper

    So nice! Thank You

  10. Chathura Asanga kulasinghe,

    With or without logo it is perfect! Because you have used the logo in a cool manner. It doesn’t disturb your design. So I think that this is the most beautiful one from all the Ubuntu related wallpapers we had up to now.

  11. Durand,

    Very pretty! Was that inkscaped?

  12. Shivakumar,

    Izo your imagination, creative mind and most finishing (polish work. Its looks very good) is very very nice. I like those images. Its pretty cool .

    I wish you good luck of your work.

  13. i used for customize playmouth and i love it.
    thank you.. ^_^

  14. gabriel washington,

    Hi I really like your wallpaper, and I decided to remix it a bit. May I have you permission to upload the remixed version on deviantart.com I will give you the link .