La Noche Sin Techo by Alberto Romanos

La Noche Sin Tech by Alberto Romanos

This is a very intelligent identity design concept by London-based designer Alberto Romanos.

To provide a backstory, in Alberto’s own words:

La Noche Sin Techo (roughly translated as “The Roofless Night”) is a cultural festival which has been lining up music, theatre, film, poetry and any other artistic manifestation for the last 5 years.

The festival is free, self managed, self founded and altruist. There is no economic revenue either for the artists or the organizers. Since the beginning, it has been organized and supported by a large group of locals and people related to the locality who have been committed unselfishly.

What I find totally fascinating and very smart about this particular work is how Alberto has incorporated the idea of ‘community spirit’ right into the festival’s identity design:

In order to enhance this sense of commitment, both audience and staff will be an active part in the conclusion of the printed visual material.

At an initial stage, the staff have been supplied with the festival collateral (posters, vouchers,…) and a set of markers wrapped in a piece of paper displaying the event philosophy and the following basic rules:

1. Pick a colour
2. Draw a circle doing at least three rotations. Do it quickly and don’t bother yourself about geometric perfection.
3. Done!

The second stage took place at the venue entrance asking visitors to follow the same rules in order to receive their own copy of the festival programme.

LNST09 by Alberto Romanos

LNST09 by Alberto Romanos

LNST09 by Alberto Romanos

Set in beautifully kerned Helvetica in a neat and clean gridded design, the final result looks fresh, colourful and deliciously simple.

LNST09 by Alberto Romanos

LNST09 by Alberto Romanos

Alberto also designed a lovely identity guideline booklet as well, still running with the same theme of community involvement.

LNST09 by Alberto Romanos

LNST09 by Alberto Romanos

I recommend checking out the entire project, which contains a lot more images and photographs, on his Behance entry. You can also see more of his work on his website and follow him on Twitter.

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