Stitchthread “Last Days” Poster Series

The Stitchthread "Last Days" poster series

Stitchthread is a doom/prog/post-rock band hailing from Preston, UK. Originally formed as a two piece recording project in late 2002, Stitchthread became a live band in mid-2004 and recorded/gigged with several lineups until late 2008 before going on hiatus. The band reconvened in early 2010 and returned to gigging on July 30th. A retrospective six years gigging anniversary EP “We’re Already Here” will be released in the near future, with new recordings to follow.

To celebrate Stitchthread’s recent fervent gigging activity, the writing—and eventually recording—of new material and the currently in-production music video to their magnus opus “Last Days”, I was tasked with the design of a poster series.

The Concept

Now obviously, I didn’t just want to splash around willy-nilly with the design of these posters. Like Stitchthread’s music, we needed a good concept behind the posters, a theme that runs throughout and provides unity and meaning to the series. After some research, it felt appropriate to base the poster series on “Last Days” somehow; after all, it is perhaps the band’s most famous—and longest—song. And when I studied “Last Days” some more, an idea came to me. The vocal style, and arrangement, of Stitchthread is very sporadic, and minimal, but when they do come into play they’re often powerful and aggressive. This is even more so the case in “Last Days”, Stitchthread’s near 18-minute long song that features only six verses of lyrics.

So I decided upon a set of six A2/A3 posters, each poster featuring a verse from “Last Days”, portrayed in a minimal yet bold and largely typographical design, each taking its own “theme” from the particular verse it was portraying. The set together, of course, would give you the complete song. And since Stitchthread’s own branding is largely minimal and typographic in nature, this concept fitted well and served to reinforce the art style of the band.

The Power Of Typography

I chose to base the poster designs on mainly a typographical theme since what we were really portraying here were the words of Stitchthread; like the vocal style, the content of each verse should take full prominence in the viewer’s gaze. Click on an image for a bigger view.

Stitchthread "Last Days" - Poster 1

Stitchthread "Last Days" - Poster 2

Stitchthread "Last Days" - Poster 3

Stitchthread "Last Days" - Poster 4

Stitchthread "Last Days" - Poster 5

Stitchthread "Last Days" - Poster 6

With these designs now approved, I now seek an appropriate printing service to get these babies out into the wild. Any recommendations of quality printers are very much appreciated.

Ian Cylkowski aka Izo

Logo & Brand Identity Design

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  1. Great work!
    I’m particularly impressed by text alignment, it always seems like it’s absolutely correct and “should-be-like-that” even though sometimes I can’t grasp the logic behind it.