Giving Back To Open Source

I less-than-three open source

I love Open Source software; I love the idea behind it, the transparency, the pace of development that occurs, the community spirit it endeavours. I use, and come into contact with, Open Source software on a daily basis; my main machine runs the Open Source Linux Operating System Ubuntu, I use the Open Source web browsers Firefox and Chromium to browse the web (I switch between the two constantly, I’m eagerly awaiting Firefox 4), I use the Open Source vector Illustrator-esque program Inkscape for my professional needs, I sometimes use the Open Source Photoshop competitor, and unfortunately named, GIMP (though more often than not, I turn to Photoshop for professional print purposes). More and more we’re seeing businesses and developers turning more to the Open Source development way, with Microsoft recently claiming that they love Open Source.

I less-than-three Open Source.

And recently, I became aware of the debt I owe to the Open Source movement. Open Source software freed my PC and turned it into a sleek, fast, secure, stable and powerful machine. I feel I owe much to Open Source software.

So I want to give something back.

If anyone out there knows of any Open Source or FOSS software that needs a quality logo and brand identity design, a complete visual identity system, please point them in my direction. I will be happy, for a limited time (after all logo and brand identity design is my job and living so paid work must come first), to work with an Open Source/FOSS software group pro bono. The only thing I ask in return is that I am free to display the work I create for them in my portfolio.

You get a high quality and complete brand identity design system, for free, and my portfolio receives a boost.

Sound good?


Feel free to review my portfolio, and get in touch using the Contact form.

Speak to you soon!

Ian Cylkowski aka Izo

Logo & Brand Identity Design

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    • Izo,

      @Tyler: thanks for the comment! I had a look, looks like they just want random submissions on their Launchpad, that’s not really how I work. I appreciate the help though. =]

  1. The most famous place with requests for open-source logo design is, it’s worth checking out.

  2. Oh, and there’s another project that obviously lacks brand identity… very ambitions one, will be a revolution if it succeeds… and will help promote free software a lot… Yes, you guessed right, it’s Novacut.
    I’ve never seen them admit it or ask for work on brand identity, but I guess it’s because they don’t believe they can get it for free.

  3. Thank you Shnatsel, and thank you Ian!

    I certainly owe you both a beer, should you be the beer drinking type.