‘Radiance’ Updated For Ubuntu Maverick

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Further to the glorious news that one of the  Ubuntu ‘Light’ themes—Ambiance—received an update for the forthcoming Ubuntu Maverick release, Andreas Cimitan, developer of the Murrine GTK engine and the man responsible for updating the Light themes, has announced the imminent update to the second Light theme: Radiance.

The second Light theme, Radiance, updated

Isn’t it pretty? As Cimi himself noted, “Radiance shouldn’t feel like a different theme, but more like a brother/sister to Ambiance, exhibiting some brighter touches” and this is very much apparent. The text shadows and highlights, button gradients, scrollbars and progressbars are all similar in appearance to the darker Ambiance theme. One notable difference, to both themes, is that the bottom corners of the metacity theme are now squared off rather than rounded, exhibiting a slightly more OSX window border style.

Personally, I’ve always preferred the lighter Radiance theme, it’s calmer and easier on the eyes.

I’ll point to where you can download the necessary theme packages once they’ve arrived.

How do you feel about the update? Still need some changes?

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  1. Ever since you posted about this here, I’ve been using pretty much just these two updated themes. Thanks a lot for all your awesome blog posts, always a great read. :)