Ubuntu “Light” Themes Get A Refresh

Ubuntu brandmark

No doubt some of you may have already read about this but as a devoted Ubuntu user I nevertheless feel duty-bound to inform you folk of the good news. Further to the announcement several months ago and the subsequent release of the new Ubuntu rebranding and “light” themes for the desktop, the themes themselves have recently been given a little bit of a facelift, courtesy of the multi-talented author of the Murrine GTK engine Andrea Cimitan.

Ubuntu Maverick Light theme refresh

Pretty neat, don’t you think?

Personally, I feel the theme updates are welcome and a massive improvement on the already excellent work of the Ubuntu Ayatana Desktop Experience team. You can definitely see the Touch Of Cimi in the themes; subtle gradients, highlights, text shadows and a better co-ordinated colour palette all point to Cimi’s huge understanding of GTK and theming.

If you want to try out the new themes (bare in mind they are considered ‘beta’ and are thus not a reflection of the look in the final Maverick release), you can grab them HERE.

What do you think about the refresh? About right? Needs more work?

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