Jonathon Wort Productions Brand Identity Design

Brand Identity and Logo Design for Jonathon Wort Productions

Brand Identity and Logo Design for Jonathon Wort Productions

Jonathon Wort is a talented sound engineer and music producer who was looking to establish a strong online presence with a unique visual brand. I was approached with the task of developing and designing a complete brand identity.

This is my own sound engineering and production company as well as general tech work for live music events, and recording music. The website will contain, for example, a portfolio of my production work online so I need help in getting my name out and about as a sound engineer and producer. I’m looking for something quite serious and bold but not too formal, that speaks of professionalism.




Researching into the concepts and imagery behind sound production and engineering

Inspiration and research for Jonathon Wort's new logo and brand identity

I started, as I usually do, by researching into the key concepts and imagery that was already apparent in the sound engineering and music production world. It quickly became apparent that the imagery and concepts above, especially invoking the idea of CDs and Vinyls (powerful visual metaphors in the music production sphere), were key themes. With the inspiration as a starting point provided, I began sketching down rough logo design ideas based around these key themes; in particular I noted that Jonathon’s full name was very round in shape – there are three o’s in his name alone – and so this pointed towards a more geometric sans-serif typeface to consider as the base of a possible logotype design.



A professional, modern and clean typeface

The typeface chosen as a base for the new logotype

I searched through a wide variety of sans-serif typefaces, from geometric to grotesque, and eventually settled on Avenir LT Std as the base of the logotype and the primary typeface. It hints at the strict geometric conformity of Futura but with a more human touch, interpolating a very modern, clean and professional image.

With the base typeface selected, I started to lay out the logo design I had chosen to develop further.

Planning out the initial logo design to a strict grid

The initial logo design layout

A simplified CD/Vinyl mark was used to signify the imagery of music production and sound engineering in a wordmark that is professional, clean and modern.

A professional and modern colour palette

Colour scheme used for Jonathon Wort's brand identity

Developing legible colourways

Colourways available for the Jonathon Wort Productions brand

And a colour palette consisting of off-black, white, neutral grey and crimson red was implemented to further enhance the sense of modernity and professionalism for the Jonathon Wort Productions brand identity. The red, in particular, is a very rich, established colour whilst also speaking of passion and energy.



Professional, clean and modern business cards

Business cards to complement the new Jonathon Wort Productions brand

Offering other case applications, in this case viewed on an iPhone

Another application of the Jonathon Wort Productions brand

Online and print posters for Jonathon Wort Productions

Demonstrating how the brand fares in poster design as well

Website and portfolio of Jonathon Wort

Jonathon Wort Productions website

I really like the brand, really happy with it. I can’t think of anything that needs to change, I think we’re good to go. You’re amazing, you know that?

Ian Cylkowski aka Izo

Logo & Brand Identity Designer – Design By Izo

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