I’m contributing to Gaia10!

The Gaia Project

A community effort to raise awareness for climate change through digital art.

Gaia10 reached over 1 Million unique visitors and created the most universal desktop theme with a community of 5,000 active Designers in 2009.

Their vision and belief is in the power of a community to create a positive movement to raise awareness for climate change.

With the support of Greenpeace Brazil, Mozez – the singer of the well known music band Zero 7 and many more Artists all over the world Gaia10 raises awareness for climate change to every PC, Mac and Linux user by creating digital art that reminds us of the beauty of nature everyday. And reminding us to shut down our devices and turn off stand by whenever we don’t need it.

Gaia10’s partner QderoPateo Ouidoo (We-Do) this year is dedicated to climate change and takes the responsibility to create the first mobile device dedicated to the topic. Gaia adds the adjective “gaian” to the Ouidoo Gaian device. You can see more about it in the Facebook post HERE.

The Gaia10 website.

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We are all looking forward to a great and wonderful release this year!

And on a personal note, I’ll be looking to contribute much lovely skinning and customisation to this year’s release for Linux: a DockbarX theme, an AWN4.0 theme and possibly a Docky theme as well.

Seriously looking forward to this guys.

Ian Cylkowski aka Izo

Logo & Brand Identity Design, GUI/UX Design

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