Lovely fonts! Wonderful fonts!

Just sing that title Monty Python style…


Anyway, yes. Fonts. I love them. Perhaps a little too much, some might say. I love them all. And today, my fellow typophiles and fans of typography, I wish to share with you my current favourites.



Just look at it. Isn’t it a thing of beauty? I have, for a long time now, a love for light or thin sans-serif fonts and typefaces, especially when used in larger sizes for headings and such. It reminds me of some of the various light Helvetica fonts available. The subtle of eye will also notice that Lane is my Font Of Choice for my own logo as well. That is how rad it is.




Bebas currently takes its place as my Favourite Heading Typeface. It reminds me very much of Swis721. It does have a curious lack of space between words, which you may want to manually kern yourself, but that’s little trouble when you’re sat staring at its sheer awesomeness. Perfect for logo design and print design. This font says: I am modern and clean and I will stamp that into your brain until you are a drooling, gibbering wreck. No really, it does. The subtext is hidden in the power of the bongos.




What’s happened here is that you take DejaVu Sans, used as the default typeface in the GNOME Desktop Environment, ship it to Thailand and place it under the tutelage of an ancient, wizened old Muay Thai master, who proceeds to put the font under rigorous and downright brutal training, kicking bamboo trees and all that shit, so that the font re-emerges back into the world… leaner, faster, stronger and with painful shins.

That’s exactly what happened.

I personally use DejaWeb on my desktop; to me it’s the perfect body font, but can also be used for headings and in good logo design as well. Very versatile, very, very sexy.




Another type of font that I have a somewhat unhealthy obsession with are pixel fonts. Relatively unheard of in the world of print but can be very, very useful in the world of the interwebzorz. There are thousands of pixel fonts available these days but Drift, from the artwiz bitmap fonts package, has risen to the top for me. It doesn’t have the “scrunched up” feel to it that a lot of pixel fonts have (I’m thinking of the likes of standard 07_55 and similar). Perhaps I’m getting older, but I find this more scrunched up type pixel font much harder to read. Drift has a more expanded feel and, I find, totally legible.

Well, that’s all for today, my fellow font nerds and typophiles. Join me again when I’ll no doubt be excitedly presenting to you more neat and super-rad fonts that I’ve found. I do need to venture more into the Serif territory; currently Serifs, I find, are uninspiring. Got some awesome Serif recommendations? Hit me up!

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  1. richard0,

    i like post like this. perfect when your on hunt for a new font, and such useful tips is what make me follow site. keep it up :)

  2. I wondered what font your logo design was, it’s very clean and simple, looks lovely. I have to admit, I’m liking Calibri at the moment, not for official documents, but it’s nice for fiction writing because it’s soft on the eye.

  3. If you’re looking for good serif fonts, try Gentium, Garogier, jGaramond and Linux Libertine.

    Nice find in Bebas and DejaWeb – I’d never heard of either of those two 😀

  4. pt,

    confused with deja it based of an opensource font, but on the site it says the licence is commercial but the price is $0, is there another way to download the font.

  5. Hey, nice fonts there. Some are really cool ideas, thanks