Two Tasty Typefaces To Delight Your Designs

Introducing Gandhi Sans and Karla

Let it not be said that I don’t like finding free fonts for you.

Pocket, Formerly Read It Later, Gets ICS Redesign Love

We’re starting to see more beautifully designed apps based on Android 4.0’s (Ice Cream Sandwich) new design language and interface “Holo”. Now here’s another one.

Under The Bridge

Walking underneath one of the train bridges that cross the River Ribble in Preston

Me and my friend, Angela, had a little photostroll around Avenham in Preston on a bright, Spring Sunday.

Exiting Janet’s Foss

Exiting Janet's Foss in Malhamdale... it felt like hiking through the set of Jurassic Park

Exiting Janet’s Foss, on the return home trail around Malhamdale.

Comparing Neue Haas Grotesk with Helvetica

If there’s one site you absolutely must visit today, it’s this one.

Digital Kitsch Lies To The User & Presumes They’re Stupid

Legendary typographer/typophile and design Erik Spiekermann describes his woes with Apple’s recent trend—particularly with Mac OS X Lion and Mountain Lion—towards skeuomorphic UI and digital kitsch. And he’s right. He’s absolutely right.

Abandoned Hut

House? Hut? Sheep pen?

Me and Bamber are near the end of our journey around Malhamdale here, but find this cool little abandoned building.

Boid & doubleTwist Alarm: Beauty On Android ICS

Since Google unveiled Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich), and later announced the new Android ICS Style Guide, we’ve started to see a few apps trickle into Google Play taking advantage of the new design-focussed platform and style.

Tablet Gothic: Headers With Personality

A clean, sturdy grotesque sans-serif with personality

If you’re looking for a clean and sturdy grotesque sans-serif that’s still full of personality, you should definitely check this.

Designing Great Experiences Means Looking At The Whole

Ubuntu’s Self-Appointed Benevolent Dictator For Life, Mark Shuttleworth, nails it again.